Prams and strollers

Children spend a lot of time in prams and strollers. Choose a pram that it well designed and suits your needs.

The basics

A pram is for getting about with your baby. For a sleeping child a cot or bassinet is best.

Injuries often happen when a pram is overloaded with shopping or the child tries to climb out.

Before you buy a pram or stroller

Babies and small children spend a lot of time in prams and strollers. Make sure you make the best choice.

Check that:

  • the pram or stroller meets a standard — the most common is AS/NZS 2088:2000
  • there are two locking devices to prevent folding
  • the brakes work properly
  • instructions are included and you follow them
  • the harness provided will firmly restrain your child — a 5-point harness is best
  • there are no sharp edges or open tubes
  • removable pieces can be fastened securely
  • fabric and linings fit snugly and don't contain gaps or hidden pockets that baby can get trapped in.

Using a pram or stroller safely

  • A pram or stroller is for getting about with your baby. For a sleeping child, a cot or bassinet is best.
  • When using a pram or stroller, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Properly secure all fastenings after washing fabric or after changing seat position.
  • Check that the brakes work well and that they're on when pram isn't moving.
  • Make sure both locking devices (which prevent the pram folding) are in place before putting your child in the pram.
  • Make sure the harness straps fit firmly, and use the harness all the time.


  • Hang shopping over handles — this makes the pram unstable and it could tip over.
  • Leave fastenings undone while pram is in use — you may have created a gap that your child could fall through or get stuck in.
  • Let your child to climb into the stroller unassisted, or play on it — it could tip over.
  • Use a pram on stairs or escalators — use lifts whenever possible.

Reporting an issue with a pram or stroller

If you have a safety problem or concern with a pram or stroller, let us know.

Report an unsafe product

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a refund, replacement or compensation if goods are unsafe. The Consumer Protection website has more information about what to do when you have a problem with goods.

Consumer Protection website — Faulty products(external link)