Cigarette lighters around children

Disposable lighters, and cheap refillable ones, must be child-resistant. This means only that they are harder to use, not that a child can't use them.

The basics

Always keep all cigarette lighters and matches out of the reach of children.

A number of children have died in fires caused by playing with lighters, so the Minister has used their power to introduce safety requirements that lighters must meet.

Before you buy a cigarette lighter

Only buy lighters that are child-resistant. This means that they are harder to use, but it isn't impossible for a child to use them.

Using cigarette lighters safely

  • Throw away your old lighters that aren't child-resistant.
  • Pass the word to friends and family.
  • Remember that child-resistant lighters are safer — but they're not childproof.
  • Never let your child play with cigarette lighters or matches.
  • Do not ask your child to fetch your lighter for you.
  • Do not give your child a lighter to chew on or play with.

Reporting an issue with cigarette lighter safety

If you find a cigarette lighter that doesn't meet the mandatory standard, you can report it to the Commerce Commission. They're the agency that enforces the Cigarette Lighters Product Safety Standard.

Commerce Commission New Zealand website — Report form(external link)

See Cigarette lighters for more information on the product safety standard.