Change tables

Babies can be injured if they fall from a change table by wriggling or rolling off.

Before you buy a change table

When choosing a change table look for:

  • safety straps to help keep your baby in place
  • raised sides to prevent your baby rolling from the table
  • smooth, rounded edges
  • strong material that is firmly attached to the frame
  • a strong stable frame so it will not collapse during use
  • drawers you can reach without leaving your child
  • locks that prevent an adjustable table from folding while the baby is lying on it
  • gaps that may be unsafe:
    • gaps 30mm - 50mm wide can trap arms or legs
    • gaps between 85mm - 95mm can trap a baby's head.

Using a change table safely

  • Before you start, make sure you can reach everything you need without leaving your baby alone.
  • Never hang bags or clothes from a change table as this can make it unstable.
  • Use the restraining strap to prevent your baby falling from the table.
  • Never leave your baby on the table unattended.
  • If the change table includes a bath, lift the changing surface away completely so that it can't fall on your baby in the bath.

Reporting an issue with change table safety

If you have a safety problem or concern with a change table, let us know.

Report an unsafe product

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a refund, replacement or compensation if goods are unsafe. The Consumer Protection website has more information about what to do when you have a problem with goods.

Consumer Protection website — Faulty products(external link)