Bicycles are used on the road and — like cars — it's extremely important that they work properly and don't add to the dangers of the road.

The basics

All pedal bicycles in New Zealand must comply with standard AS/NZS 1927:1998.

See Bicycles for more information about the pedal bicycle product safety standard.

A trader can be prosecuted and fined for selling a:

  • bike that doesn't meet the safety standard for bicycles and is proven to be unsafe
  • helmet that doesn’t meet approved standards.

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Children’s tricycles are considered toys and are not allowed for road use.

Before you buy a bicycle


  • Buy a bike from a recognised bicycle dealer or bike shop that can do repairs and servicing, and can put things right if the bike is faulty.
  • Buy a bike that is already assembled, or have it assembled by a skilled cycle mechanic.

Don’t: Buy a bike that your child has to “grow into”. This is unsafe.

Reporting an issue with bicycle safety

If a shop is selling a bicycle that doesn't meet the mandatory standard, you can report it to the Commerce Commission. They are the agency that enforces the Pedal Bicycle Safety Standard.

Commerce Commission New Zealand website — Report form(external link)