Bibs create a risk of suffocation, which can happen quickly with babies. Always keep an eye on your baby when he or she is wearing a bib.

The basics

The best bib is a cloth bib with a full collar — no plastic and no ties.

Using bibs safely

  • Remove the bib:
    • immediately after feeding, and
    • before lying your baby down.
  • If you do use a bib after feeding, only use it when:
    • you're holding your baby, or
    • your baby is sitting up and near you.

Particular hazards

  • Plastic-backed bibs can be a suffocation hazard.
  • Tie ribbons can be a choking hazard — make sure bib ties are fastened securely so your baby can't play with them.

Reporting an issue with bib safety

If you have a safety problem or concern with a bib, let us know.

Report an unsafe product

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a refund, replacement or compensation if goods are unsafe. The Consumer Protection website has more information about what to do when you have a problem with goods.

Consumer Protection website — Faulty products(external link)