Baby bath aids

Baby bath aids are products like bath seats and rings that support an infant sitting in a bath. The suitability of these products changes as your child grow.

The basics

Your baby will still need careful supervision in the bath, even if you are using a bath aid. Babies and small children should always be supervised near water.

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Babies have drowned while using bath aids.

Before you buy a baby bath aid

Baby bath aids can be useful for mums and dads with bad backs, or those who simply wish to free up both hands while bathing the child. Although useful, it’s important to remember that there are associated risks when using these types of products — and supervision is still essential.

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A baby bath aid does not keep your child safe while in the bath.

Don’t buy a type with suction cups if your bath has an uneven or slip-resistant base, or the enamel is worn, as the suction cups won't stick to these surfaces.

Using a baby bath aid safely

  • Never leave your baby unattended in the bath — always supervise.
  • Never leave your child in the bath in the care of an older child — they may not recognise or react fast enough if a baby is getting into difficulty.
  • Always check the bath aid for any worn or broken parts before using.
  • Don’t use a baby bath aid with suction cups in a bath with an uneven or slip-resistant base, or where the enamel is worn — the suction cups will not stick to this type of bath surface.
  • Use only enough water to wet the child using your hands.
  • Always supervise babies and small children in the bath, and always prepare the child’s clothes and towel before running the bath, ignore the telephone and the doorbell.
  • If you need to leave the bathroom for any reason, take your child with you.

How could my child drown in a bath aid?

  • The bath aid might tip over.
  • The suction cups may not completely stick to the bathtub’s surface.
  • The child could climb out of the bath aid.
  • The child might slip through the bath aid and becomes trapped in an opening of the bath aid.

Reporting a safety issue with a baby bath aid

If you have a safety problem or concern with a baby bath aid, let us know.

Report an unsafe product

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a refund, replacement or compensation if goods are unsafe. The Consumer Protection website has more information about what to do when you have a problem with goods.

Consumer Protection website — Faulty products(external link)