Amber teething necklace

Information about the wearing of amber necklaces for teething babies.

The basics

Wearing amber in the form of a necklace is a traditional European remedy for teething babies.

Babies should be supervised when wearing amber necklaces, as there is a risk of strangulation and choking.

Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing.

Before you buy an amber teething necklace

Trading Standards can’t state whether the therapeutic claims for these types of teething necklaces are true.

Parents and carers of teething babies who use these teething necklaces need to consider that:

  • there's a risk of strangulation and choking, and
  • the baby will need to be closely supervised when wearing the necklace.

How to use amber teething necklaces safely

These necklaces aren't designed or intended for babies to chew on. The suggested pain-relieving effects are gained through the wearing of the amber beads next to the skin.

Babies should always be supervised when wearing amber necklaces — there's a risk for strangulation or a hanging hazard.

There's also a risk of choking hazards if the necklace breaks and beads become loose. Some amber necklaces have knots between individual beads to help lower this risk.

Amber necklaces should be removed from a baby when the baby is unattended, even if this is likely to be for a very short period of time. Babies should not be left wearing necklaces while sleeping — whether that is during the day or overnight.

Reporting a safety issue with amber teething necklaces

If you have a safety problem or concern with an amber teething necklace, let us know.

Report an unsafe product

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a refund, replacement or compensation if goods are unsafe. The Consumer Protection website has more information about what to do when you have a problem with goods.

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