Alpha airbag inflator recall - Frequently asked questions for suppliers

What is an Alpha airbag inflator?

An Alpha airbag inflator is any airbag inflator made by Takata Corporation, and its related bodies corporate, using Phase Stabilised Ammonium Nitrate (PSAN) propellant and identified by the manufacturer as being subject to manufacturing defects that present an increased risk of misdeployment.

Who is a supplier under the compulsory recall order?

A supplier under the Fair Trading Act 1986 is any person or business that has supplied (by way of gift, sale, exchange, lease, hire, or hire purchase) affected vehicles in trade (any trade, business, industry, profession, occupation, activity of commerce, or undertaking relating to the supply or acquisition of goods). This includes New Zealand importers, wholesalers, distributors and dealers that have been involved in the supply of an affected vehicle.

If you have questions about your status as a supplier, we recommend you seek independent legal advice.

As a supplier what do I need to do?

All suppliers have a role under the compulsory recall. This role may vary depending on your position in the supply chain and the role that the others involved are taking.

One supplier in the supply chain will need to take the lead role for the compulsory recall. In some instances the New Zealand vehicle brand owners have taken this role for all affected vehicles under their brand in New Zealand.

It's your responsibility as a supplier to ensure that affected vehicles you supply are being dealt with. We recommend discussing this with the representative bodies for the industry, such as:

  • the Motor Industry Association (MIA), and
  • VIA, which represents the used import vehicle industry.

Motor Industry Association website(external link)

VIA website(external link)