What you must tell us

You must inform us about a product recall within 2 days of the recall being made public, but we encourage you to let us know as early as possible.

If you're voluntarily recalling goods because of a safety issue, you're required by law to notify the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) within 2 working days of the recall being made public. We handle recall notifications on behalf of the Chief Executive.

Notifying us:

  • only needs to be done once for each recall, even if there are several businesses involved
  • should be done by the business coordinating the recall for New Zealand.

Section 31A of the Fair Trading Act has more information on what recalls you need to notify.

Fair Trading Act 1986 — Section 31A, Voluntary product recall(external link)

To notify a recall, contact us at recalls@mbie.govt.nz

We recommend you contact and notify us as early on in the process as possible — that is, well before you inform the public. If we know early, we can advise you about how to make your recall more effective.

If you fail to notify us of a recall

Failure to notify a recall within 2 days is an offence, and you could face enforcement action under the Fair Trading Act.

Recalls you don’t need to notify us about

You don't need to notify us about recalls:

  • of products that have reporting or recall process requirements under other legislation, such as food, medicine, vehicles
  • relating only to product quality — for example, because the paint on the product fades quickly.