What to do with recalled products

If a recalled product can't be modified or repaired to make it safe to use, it should be disposed of so that it can't be used again.

Recall issues to resolve


If a product was unsafe to start with, it may need to be significantly reworked or modified to ensure it is safe to put back onto the market.


If the recall issue is because the product doesn't comply with legal requirements (for example,  electrical regulations), these requirements will need to be met before the product is put back on the market. Also, under consumer law, products must be safe and described correctly.


If a product contains toxic materials, such as lead, it must be destroyed in an environmentally sound manner.

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Suppliers have been convicted where recalled goods were on-sold through an auction website and the buyer then resold them.

Let us know what action you've taken

Contact us to advise when you have taken action to modify or destroy a product. You will need to supply documentary evidence of your actions for our records.

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