Managing a recall

If a recall is required, we can provide guidance and advice to whoever will be managing it. The earlier you can involve us the better.

What you'll need

The organisation managing the recall will need:

  • Distribution details — how many units were imported or manufactured and sold, and where they went.
  • A remedy — will you refund, replace, or repair the product? Make sure that you have sufficient quantities of any replacement product or additional parts. You'll need to know when these will be available.
  • Monitoring systems to record/track the remedy rate so you can assess the progress of the recall and work out whether further action is necessary.

How we can help

If you're considering a product recall, contact us as early as possible. We're committed to helping businesses through the process and making recalls as effective as possible. We can offer advice, or discuss a potential recall or emerging product safety issue with you.

See What you must tell us for more information.

We can also assist with drafting your recall notice and publicising the recall. We can publicise recalls on our website, and through our social media channels.

See Publicising a recall for more information.

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For more help, you may need to contact your business lawyer.