Request copy of NZS ISO 10377

About the offer

Access to standards usually comes at a cost, but to encourage uptake Trading Standards has sponsored access to a limited number of free copies of NZS ISO 10377:2017 standard and associated guide book. Use the form below if you would like to request free access to the standard.

Request access

Once you've completed the access form, eligible people will be sent an email within 1 to 2 business days, enabling you to access the standard and guide.

Please note:

  • You're responsible for maintaining control over access to the standard issued to you, and for using it for the purposes of the nominated business only.
  • If you change business you should re-apply for access under the new business.
  • The standard should only be accessed from a location registered within the business.
  • If another person within your business needs regular access to the standard, they can apply for their own access.

There's more information about the standard on these pages:

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