Consumer product safety - Guidelines for suppliers

We encourage New Zealand suppliers to use NZS ISO 10377:2017 Consumer product safety — Guidelines for suppliers, to help ensure their products are safe.

About the standard

The international standard ISO 10377 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers has been adopted in New Zealand to help suppliers ensure their products are safe. The standard takes a whole-lifecycle approach to due diligence, with the goal of ensuring that products are safe for consumers.

The standard provides practical guidance on how to assess and manage the safety of consumer products, and includes:

  • basic principles for addressing consumer product safety, and
  • specific guidance for safety in design, production, and the marketplace.

Who can use it

The standard covers all parts of the supply chain for consumer products, including product designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The principles and guidance can be scaled to suit businesses regardless of their size or place in the supply chain.

What it doesn't cover

The standard doesn't cover issues such as worker safety, protection of the environment, or social and ethical issues — these are covered by other laws, regulations, and standards.

Benefits of NZS ISO 10377

This standard provides internationally recognised best-practice principles and guidance that businesses can adopt to help manage the safety of their products. By incorporating the product safety principles and processes outlined in this standard, you can assist in protecting your customers from unsafe products, strengthen your organisation’s reputation and brand, and reduce the risk of needing to recall a product.

Free access

We want you to use NZS ISO 10377, so we're offering New Zealand businesses free access to the standard and accompanying guide. To get your free electronic copy, complete the request form below (numbers are limited).

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Consumer Product Safety: It's your business video

For an overview of the standard and what it can do for your business, watch the 3 minute video.

If you're not a New Zealand business and would like to purchase a hard copy of the standard, or if you would like more information on related standards, visit the Standards New Zealand website.

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