About Product Safety

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment administers the product safety elements of the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.

What we do

We oversee the safety of a wide range of products sold in New Zealand — excluding food, medicines, energy or vehicle products, which are handled by other government agencies. We work to reduce the risks and hazards that products may pose to New Zealand consumers.

Promoting safety

We prepare advisory and guidance material and resources for consumers and businesses, to promote product safety.

Monitoring and market surveillance

We monitor emerging national and international product safety risks and issues, and implement appropriate responses. We analyse data, and give advice to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs about emerging product safety issues and the application of Minister’s Fair Trading Act powers.

Working with other agencies

We liaise and consult with other government agencies that may have an interest or be affected by any proposed government intervention.

We maintain strong national and international relationships with organisations such as:

  • Safety regulators — Ministry of Health, Commerce Commission, Environmental Protection Authority, Ministry for Primary Industries.
  • Australia/New Zealand Product Standards Committees (eg, children’s toys, household cost, prams and strollers and pedal bicycles).
  • International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization and International Consumer Product Safety Caucus.
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Product Safety Operations Group (Australia).
  • Business and trade organisations such as the Retail NZ and the Employers and Manufacturers Association.


We publish product safety notices on the Product Recalls website, and provide guidance on product safety recall notices.

Product Recalls(external link)

Our Minister

The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has specific powers, under the Fair Trading Act, to:

  • implement compulsory recalls
  • ban products with Unsafe Goods Notices, and
  • set Product Safety Standards
  • issue product safety policy statements.